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I am Todd Dacquisto and I photograph people and places. Each person, each place, can provide endless possibilities and defining moments to capture. I seek to find the spaces in between that fuse those moments, with the marketing or advertising message the photograph is intended to convey.

By working collaboratively with art directors and creative directors to understand the story being told, I use that understanding as the constant. Whether Iím shooting fishermen in China or a lawyer in San Diego. Whether there are 25 people on set or Iím sent out alone. Whether itís clear or cloudy. The goal of capturing the moment where possibility meets message remains the same.

Iím Todd Dacquisto, I photograph people and places. I deliver possibilities.
Iíve photographed executives, dignitaries, fashion models and farmers. Pre-schoolers, grad-schoolers, hikers and bikers. Each person has their own unique way of telling their story. If I have all of two minutes with a CEO or Iím shooting all day with mountain bikers, I seek those individual moments of truth and honesty that punctuate the message they are to deliver.
We are all in the creation business. Our job is to provide impact, encourage response, sell, inspire, promote. Whether I'm creating images, doing an estimate or arranging location details, I seek the possibilities that lead to the best solution and the best result. Possibilities that lead to images and strategies that deliver. For the customer. For the target. For the message.
Location work requires curiosity for travel and patience for change. I have passports for both. Each location has itís own singular sense of place, culture, environment. More than landmarks and monuments, there is the feeling of the earth, the smell of the air, the nuance of the people. I like to express more than a documentation of a locationĖi want to show the spirit of the space.